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Sea Sparkle are proud to offer our sea glass jewellery range. Created using genuine smooth, tactile sea glass found on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. Sea glass jewellery is THE most stylish way to reuse and recycle. What was once an old beer bottle on a pirate ship (yes some of the glass is really that old) or a broken vase tossed into the sea, becomes shaped and smoothed by the sea over many years, normally a minimum of 50yrs for a true "jewellery grade" piece of glass. They become the jewels of the sea and are sometimes called Mermaids Tears.

We mix the sea glass with our handcrafted fine silver seashells. These shells are created from real seashells plucked from the shoreline, placed in a mould and then cast in fine silver, which is 99% pure silver.

Each item is unique and finished with sterling silver clasps and the Sea Sparkle tag. All our items come in a presentation gift box.

We have also started to make a range of sea glass home wear items such as our sea glass wreath, a stunning wall, wreath made of hand drilled sea glass.

We are happy to accept bespoke orders, and can often use your own shells or sea glass to create personalised jewellery, maybe to remind you of a special holiday.
Please browse our unique range of  sea glass jewellery, and fall in love, if the item you want has been sold, please contact us and we may be able to create a similar design just for you.