About Sea Sparkle


St Ives Boat

Sea Sparkle was born from a true passion for the sea, by designer Harriet McAlonan.
As a Devon girl born and bred, the glorious coast of the West Country provides not only the inspiration, but the "gems" of the Sea Sparkle collection.
Harriet has worked as a jewellery designer for a number of years, but Sea Sparkle is her most personal and unique range yet.
The range is centered on "Sea Glass" the wonderful pieces of glass, smoothed and tumbled by mother nature, found hidden among the sand and seaweed on beaches. No two bits of glass are the same, each has it's own shape, colour and texture. For this reason no two items of the jewellery can be the same, each item is a one of a kind. Most pieces of Sea Glass are at least 50yrs old, many are even older than this. Sea Glass is also sometimes referred to as "Mermaids Tears".
The Sea Sparkle range only uses genuine Sea Glass (not mass produced copies), the shape is not altered, all the Sea Glass is collected by hand from many different beaches in Devon and Cornwall.
The designs are enhanced by the fine silver (fine silver is 99% pure silver) hand made shells. Harriet gathers the most pretty and interesting shells from the shore line and make a cast from them, she then uses this cast to create the fine silver exact replicas. These silver shells reflect the true nature of seashells, the grooves and markings, they are not perfect and that is what makes them truly perfect!
Harriet is happy to make bespoke commissioned items, if you have found a special piece of glass, or a stunning shell you would like made into your own personalised jewellery, please do not hesitate to contact her.