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A while ago I "met" author Jane Rusbridge through Twitter. She ordered some jewellery for herself and her family, this in turn led to me to read her first book "The Devil's Music". Jane and I share a huge love of the coast, and The Devil's Music is based by the sea (she had me at the opening scene on the beach.)

The Devils Music

I really loved the book, and the theme of sailors knots that subtly flows through it inspired me to try some out. I don't think I am giving too much away when I say that Jane describes a knotted bracelet in the book which I naively thought I could create. How wrong I was! After getting myself in knots (literally) I was very pleased when I mastered the Turks Head Knot bracelet. Not the one in the book, but a traditional sailors knotted bracelet that is centuries old. Normally this bracelet would have no beginning or end, but I wanted to add some sea glass to the design, so I left my ends loose and popped on a couple of pieces of smooth sea glass, for my own twist on the design.

Limited Edition Turks Head Bracelet

I am most thankful to Jane for inspiring me to explore sailors knots, I feel they go with my range beautifully and I will be trying out more in future designs.

Jane and I have teamed up together to offer you a LIMITED EDITION Turks Head Knot bracelet together with a signed copy of The Devil's Music by Jane Rusbridge, for the bargain price of just £12! There are only 5 of these available so be quick. Click here to order yours.

If you like Jane's book, her new novel "Rook" is due for release in August, personally I can't wait!